Adwords & PPC Services

Are you getting qualified traffic coming to your site and is that actually converting into customers?

As part of our many services, we also help many businesses make sure that they have optimized PPC and Adwords campaigns that can fit most any budget. Whether you need help building an Adword campaign as a local Montreal business or are an international corporation seeking to optimize existing AdWords campaigns, were here to help. 

Adwords/PPC Audit and Implementation

We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your PPC/Adwords campaigns to highlight some problem areas and tell you how we can act to do things differently. If you happen to be starting a PPC campaign from scratch, don’t worry we’ll get you up and running. Our PPC/Adwords management methods can help you identify ways to get far more clicks for a lower cost per click than you might be able to while you are busy running your business.

Adwords/PPC Maintenance

Once your AdWords and PPC campaigns are up and running, it’s most likely the case that you will be occupied with the actual business that these campaigns generated! We will constantly work to build and optimize your campaigns so that they are even more efficient and so that your business leads strengthen even more over time.

With our expertise in PPC and Adwords, you can be assured that the cost of hiring us to manage their campaigns will more than pay itself back with greater ROI and low cost-per-click overall. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

“I just received a rush of new patients from the website” – Dr. Aaron Hoo, Vancouver Naturopath Doctor