Email Marketing Services

A professional approach to email marketing gives your business a direct way of personally targeting and communicating with clients to increase sales.

Our email marketing services have helped many large and small businesses develop targeted content that strikes a more personal relationship with your audience through the following ways:

-Compelling subject lines that don’t come off to your readers as spam

-Professional and distinctive voice that is consistent to you business’s brand

-Producing and incorporating email content your prospects need and can share with others through social media to boost business referrals and overall awareness of your website.

Another great aspect of our email services is that they are also quite cost-effective. According to the Direct Marketing Association, ROI associated with email marketing campaigns usually soar around 4,300%! So, if you are looking to transform the online conversation about your business and see some great results on that marketing investment, get in touch with our email marketing experts at Michael Zellan!

“I have been working with Mike since October 2013. He is our external SEO consultant who has helped us with our corporate website. Mike is fast, reliable and detail oriented professional, who has a very good and deep knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). Thanks to Mike and his recommendations our website’s SEO improved significantly in the last 12 months.”

– Jozef Papp Jozef Papp Business Excellence, Marketing & Communication at Stanton Chase International