Vacation Home Marketing & Web Design

Fortunately for vacation property renters, the opportunity to spread the word about your newly acquired vacation homes is greater than ever thanks to online marketing opportunities.

Michael Zellan has specialized in vacation home marketing for years, helping many new homeowners in the Montreal area accurately market their rentals to get the most out of their property listings. Here are a few of the services that we specialize in tailoring to vacation property owners’ websites to help market their rentals successfully:

With the technical know-how as well as a working knowledge of the Montreal, Quebec real estate market, our experts will know how to market your listings so that they are both eye-catching and accurate for the vacation property renter profile that you are targeting. Get in touch with our vacation rental marketing and website design team, and we’ll get started today!

“In the 2 short months since you have completed the SEO for our site, we have seen our website hits more than double and have landed 3 new clients all because they found our site! Our site has increased dramatically in ranking for all our keywords with most now on the first page of Google.”

– Larry Booker, Remax Group Four Realty, Fredericton, NB